ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress
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Take the Grand Slam Challenge with the Walk to Defeat ALS!

Use the links below to jump sections:

See the current leaderboard for the Hawaii Virtual Walk to Defeat ALS

See the current leaderboard for the Central California Virtual Walk to Defeat ALS

See the current leaderboard for the Northern California Virtual Walk to Defeat ALS

See the current leaderboard for the Southern California Virtual Walk to Defeat ALS

Or, click here to return to the Grand Slam Challenge home page.


If you are not already signed up, sign up today (for FREE) for the Walk to Defeat ALS event nearest you, encourage your friends and family to join you, and participate in the Grand Slam Challenge this month!

Registered participants will be invited to step up to the plate to “hit” a single, double, triple, and Grand Slam to advance around the bases on our game board. As a thank you, we will be sending our limited edition bandana to those who cross all of the bases, reaching a Grand Slam.

Complete these actions in ANY ORDER, but we recommend the following:

1. Update your personal fundraising page with at least one photo, video, and/or personal words about why you participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS.

2. Recruit one or more new team members to register on your team or as an individual walker and send your Community Outreach Partner an email, naming your new recruit(s)!

3. Send one or more emails through your Walk participant center to raise ALS awareness, ask for donations, and encourage others to join your team.

4. Make a self-donation and/or fundraise $81 or more to your Walk participant page, in tribute to the 81st anniversary of Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man Alive" speech.


As you make your "ALS hits" by completing these actions, your name will be listed on the leaderboard shown below, AND here are the additional prizes you can win:

Hit a single (one action): Nice base hit! You're on the leaderboard!

Hit a double (two actions): Your name will be entered into a drawing** among fellow hitters in your Virtual Walk to Defeat ALS to win a $50 Visa gift card!

Hit a triple (three actions): Your name will be entered into a drawing** among fellow hitters in your Virtual Walk to Defeat ALS to win a $100 Visa gift card! Almost to home plate!

Hit a Grand Slam (all four actions): We'll send you our exclusive, limited edition bandana, and your name will be entered into a drawing** for a $250 Visa gift card! ONE LUCKY WINNER for the entire Chapter will be picked at the conclusion of the Grand Slam Challenge.

** EXTENSION: Drawing Winners will be selected on Thursday, August 6. This means Walk to Defeat ALS participants will have until 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 5 to complete their actions!

Don't forget the power of social media to let people know that you are at-bat to defeat ALS! Be sure to tag @alsagoldenwest and use #WalktoDefeatALS.

Hawaii's Leaderboard

Hit a Single:

Michael and Ginger Armistead, Gabrielle Batzer, Amy and Doug Bechert, Eric Chun,
Jeff Conway, William & Julie DeCosta, Todd Devere, Coreen Dijos, Joanne Fujio,
Drake and Beverly Ikalani, Diana and Bill Kaspar, Gigi and John Reed,
Keola and Babz Richards, Jennifer Schack, Philip Simmons, John Stallman,
Carol Sutherland, Eric Uyeda, Dorothy Vidinha, Lucy Wedemeyer

Hit a Double:

Debbie Azama-Park, Mike Izon, Nina Miyata, Arlene McCormack,
McHoover Negre, Sandy and John Repczynski, Lo'ihi Simmons,

Hit a Triple:

Renea Gaucher, John Patterson, Tianna Tsutsui


Hit a Grand Slam:

Kellee Hearther


Central California's Leaderboard


Hit a Single:

Christopher Caine, Maria Hernandez, Stacy Inman,
Theresa Keeler, Candyce Kulikoff, Benjamin Meza,
Jordan Perez, Martha Steinman, Duane Vryhof, Charlie Wren

Hit a Double:

Aleasha Garcia, Greg Gilli, Shaun Kalpakoff, Sarah Marez, David Thiesen

Hit a Grand Slam:


Dwana Broussard
Michael Buttress
Laura Combs
Nick Flores
Sheri McWilliams
Steve Spring


Northern California's Leaderboard

Hit a Single:

Elizabeth Bryant, Mary Condry, Jon Jeswald, Alyssa Lee, Taylor Lee,
Debra Sarmento, Jon Seff, Kyle Seff, Livy Seff, Eric Speer, Lucy Wedemeyer,
Cathleen Yeary


Hit a Double:

Marion Abdullah, Lori Carrillo, Larry Ellis, Jill Lee, Julie Scurich, Laura Taay,
Harry Wittenberg, Mary Ann Wittenberg


Hit a Triple:

Hit a Grand Slam:

Mo Martinez
Aislinn Morrow
Amy Seff
Tavares Speer
Kim Venezia

Southern California's Leaderboard


Hit a Single:

Punk Army, Diana Baez, Pamela Bakst, Conchita Banuelos, Indra Bassett,
Brande Belanger, Sarah Benoit, Anne-Marie Bishara, Whitney Bosko,
Rayna Santa Catalina, Madeline Coburn, Rodolfo Curiel, Kimberly Dabbah,
Debbi Folsom, Mary Ann Foushee, Kate Franke, Carmen Friend, Andreana Hernandez,
Akiko Hiramine, Junko Hiramine, Nobuko Hiramine, Sheryl Hirata, Peter Hulne,
Richard and Hilary Kraft, Perla Hernandez Lastra, Panagiota Loizidou, Jasmene Lowe,
Kathy Shawver Maffei, Christopher Malm, Kathryn Malm, Davina Massey, Gail McElroy,
Sarah McNamara, Moices Mendez, Isaac Moorvitch, Christina Murillo, Hiroya Nakahama,
Maira Nakahama,Tera Nakahama, Joseph Ndegwa, Joleen Oakes, Matthew Ondre,
April Gomez-Orozco, Henry Ornelas,Gary Paster,Gabriella Pedrego, Barbara Porush,
Steven Powers, Katey Randall, Alvin Raquipiso, Carol Ruegg, Michele Shafroth,
Kristen Shattuck, Janet Hirata Stall,Terrymarie Steele, Seth Stuart, Bethe Sullivan,
Kevin Sutherland, Tim Tom, Cheryl Tsieprati, Cynthia Tucker, Melanie Vammen,
Lesley Veronica, Janelle Webb, Jack Wickoff, Kaitlyn Wilbraham, Reid Wilbraham,
Thomas Wilbraham,


Hit a Double:

Julianne Angel, Deborah Bois, Ann Brackett, Hillary Burton, Chris Chergoski,
Karen Chergoski, Stacy Daugherty, Palmyra Delran, Lisa Fjeldsted, Dean Hartman,
Frank Huchingson, Rebecca Huntley, Sara Nachlis, Tera Nakahama, Kelly Nelson,
Kathleen Paulson, Jinah Kim-Perek, Nancy Skowron, Maryann Stevens, Judy Stuart,
Elaine Sir, Dawn Marie Zamudio-Tetreault, Ismail Tsieprati, Cheryl Tsieprati,
Corinne Walter, Owen Ward, Nan Zaitlen, Loreen Zuccaro


Hit a Triple:

Alison Graham, Sherri Jaye, Erni Nakahama, Nicole Rivard, I. H. Sutnick


Hit a Grand Slam:

Jamie Aronson
Joy Aronson
Nicole Aronson
RJ Curiel
Asher Garfinkel
Rebecca Huntley
Norma Morales
Art and Barb Pahr
Kimberly Robinson
Nanci Ryder
William Speier
Sheri Strahl
Mari Winsor

As always, if you have any questions or require any technical assistance with your participant center, please let us know by sending an email to your Community Outreach Partner!

Golden West Chapter Community Outreach Partners


Jennifer Schack
Regional Director,
Community Outreach

Hawaii Walk to Defeat ALS



Kim Lembo
Regional Director,

Community Outreach
Northern CA

East Bay Walk to Defeat ALS

Silicon Valley Walk to Defeat ALS

Sonoma County Walk to Defeat ALS

Tammy Galt
Regional Director,
Community Outreach
Central CA

Central Valley Walk to Defeat ALS

Kern County Walk to Defeat ALS

Monterey Bay Walk to Defeat ALS


Jessica Partida
Regional Director,
Community Outreach
Southern CA
818.865.8067 x233

Ventura - Santa Barbara Walk to Defeat ALS

Los Angeles County Walk to Defeat ALS



Janelle Webb
Regional Coordinator,
Community Outreach
Southern CA
818.865.8067 x223

San Luis Obispo Walk to Defeat ALS

Inland Empire Walk to Defeat ALS