About Our Chapter

The opportunity to consolidate the two largest Chapters in California, The ALS Association Greater Los Angeles and Greater Bay Area Chapters, began with an assessment of the value and impact on people with ALS and their families.

As the two Chapters grew independently of one another, they followed a similar trajectory, propelled by a shared commitment to high-quality multidisciplinary care. The executive leadership of the two chapters worked closely over many years in an effort to improve the impact of their efforts through an enhanced service delivery model.

The shared vision and mission commitment of both chapters was evidenced by the fact that each Chapter became the central source of service and information about ALS in their respective service areas. The chapters have successfully leveraged their membership in The ALS Association in an effort to build a strong system of care in California. As a result, the two chapters have positioned The ALS Association as the leader in Patient and Family Services, Research, and ALS Advocacy throughout the state. The unification of these three programmatic components in northern and southern California presented a singular opportunity to yield positive outcomes in the fight against Lou Gehrig's disease.

On July 13, 2010, the Boards of Directors of The Greater Bay Area and the Greater Los Angeles Chapters joined together and unanimously voted to merge the two Chapters to become The Golden West Chapter of The ALS Association. Together, we now serve thirty-one counties, home to over 70% of California's population.
We believe strongly that this merger means better services, wider and deeper impact for your efforts, and a stronger voice in ALS advocacy and awareness.

The ALS Association Golden West Chapter will provide:

  • High-quality multidisciplinary care through Chapter-supported multidisciplinary ALS Centers and Clinics in your area, Care Managers, and Support Group facilitators that you depend on.

  • Resources and information about ALS and services with two Chapter offices - one in the Bay Area and one in the Los Angeles Area- with dedicated staff that you rely on for information and support.

  • Leadership in research, fundraising, public awareness, and ALS advocacy throughout the state, with our one voice heard over a wider area, and each donation having a greater impact.

There will be many changes ahead, but our shared mission remains the same. Please help support our efforts to help strike out Lou Gehrig's disease today!  It is only together that we will defeat ALS.