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Spotlight On ... Art and Barb Pahr

Art and Barb Pahr, in California and in Antartica.

For over 20 years, the Golden West Chapter’s Walk to Defeat ALS has been the largest annual support group for our ALS community. It is a movement that brings people together to raise awareness and support to find effective treatments and cures, and to rally for those that we love and remember for their fight against ALS. 

In 2021, awareness and support for our ALS community, by our ALS community, has never been more important. That is why for the very first time, the Golden West Chapter of The ALS Association gave participants in the Walk to Defeat ALS the opportunity to provide their own creative input for the design of the 2021 Golden West Chapter Walk to Defeat ALS event T-shirt.

Design entries came from different members of the Walk to Defeat ALS community, including those walking in support, walking in memory, and from a person living with ALS, Matt Chaney. The response was incredible, and the Golden West Chapter is grateful for all who considered and answered our call to submit designs.

The winning design for the 2021 Golden West Chapter Walk to Defeat ALS T-shirt Contest.

Designs were then voted on in two rounds, and the title for the winning design was ultimately awarded to Art and Barb Pahr. If their names sound familiar, it may be that you knew or heard of their beloved son-in-law, Jon Huntley.

Regarded by many for fierce determination in his pursuit of a joy-filled life, Jon Huntley’s name is a leader in the Walk to Defeat ALS community, as well as among affiliates of the Arts & Cinema community from Jon’s alma mater, the University of Southern California (USC). Jon’s legacy is one with an expansive portfolio of work, including his memoir, Pockets of Joy; his screenplays Face ALS and MATT & MAYA; as well as more than $228,000 in fundraising for the Golden West Chapter of The ALS Association.

Jon sadly lost his battle with ALS in 2018 just days after USC published this article, but Jon’s family team, “The Happy Huntleys,” has vowed to “Fight On!” and fundraise through the Walk to Defeat ALS, to fuel a future without ALS. It is this love and dedication for Jon and his spirit that inspired Art and Barb Pahr to participate in the design contest.

"We were looking for a simple design that delivered a powerful message, an ALS batter swinging for all he’s worth," Art and Barb Pahr described their winning submission in homage to Jon.

Art and Barb Pahr pictured at the 2021 Golden West Chapter Walk to Defeat ALS Kick-off.

Art and Barb attended the 2021 Walk to Defeat ALS Kick-off, where they gave thanks to their circle of support that voted for them. As the winners of the contest, they were also the recipients of a $100 gift card, but chose to pay their prize forward,to benefit another family facing ALS.

As grandparents to Olivia and Rachel -- daughters to Jon and their daughter Rebecca -- Art and Barb understand how challenging ALS can be, especially to families with children and young adults. “I’m sure that they would appreciate getting a little extra help dealing with this miserable, blasted disease that sadly claimed our son-in-law, and that our sister-in-law was diagnosed with in July 2020.”

The Golden West Chapter salutes Art and Barb for their generosity and unwavering commitment to the ALS community, and congratulates them on their winning design! In addition, in honor of National Grandparents Day every September, we would like to thank ALL of the wonderful grandparents in our ALS community, for the strength, love, and inspiration they provide.

To support Art and Barb’s fundraising efforts for the Happy Huntleys team, please click here to donate to or join their team. To sign up for the 2021 Golden West Chapter Walk to Defeat

ab with GD.jpeg

Art and Barb, with granddaughters Olivia and Rachel