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The Golden West Chapter's New Yard Sign Program - Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be registered for a Golden West Chapter Walk to Defeat ALS to be eligible? Yes, or someone in your household must be. CLICK HERE for a list of our local Walk to Defeat ALS events.

How much do they cost to purchase? In California, it's a $25 self-donation to your participant page, or someone can “purchase” it for you by making a $25 donation to your Walk page. In Hawaii, we ask a mimumum of $30 to account for shipping.  Price is subject to increase after August 31, 2020.

I want a sign, I’ve registered for my Walk, and I’ve made a self-donation of $25 (or $30 if in Hawaii).  Now what? Contact your friendly neighborhood Community Outreach Partner and they will put your order in and coordinate delivery with you.

What if my friend who doesn’t live in the region wants one? Have them register as a Virtual Walker on your team, and have them communicate with your local Community Outreach Partner to discuss the cost. They will calculate shipping with the minimum sign donation ($25 in California; $30 in Hawaii).

Why do I have to fundraise or make a self-donation to get a sign? Philanthropy and fundraising drive everything we do at The ALS Association Golden West Chapter – our ability to advance research, public policy, and care services depends on it. Did you know? Participants who register at least 90 days before event day raise, on average, $1,500 more than those who register closer to the official event day! Participants who make a self-donation to their personal page raise, on average, $356 more than those who don’t; and they raise up to an average of $5500 more if they also take other actions, like customizing the personal page and sending emails from the participant center. 

Can I get more than one sign? Yes, but please communicate with your local staff member about your plans.  (Limit: 5 signs per individual at $25 donation per sign ($30 if in Hawaii), unless you are using them to fundraise. Please inquire about your system for selling signs with your community outreach partner.)  All signs must be pre-ordered with a $25 donation/sign in California and $30 donation/sign in Hawaii.

Do I get to keep it? Yes! Keep it in your yard for years to come and show your support for the Walk to Defeat ALS and the ALS Community.

Can I customize the sign? Yes! There might be an additional cost, but check in with your local staff.

What if I am having trouble making a self-donation? Not a problem!  Don’t forget our staff is here to help you every step of the way! They can help you with all of the functions connected to your personal participant center.

Can I use a facebook fundraiser to raise the $25 ($30 if in Hawaii)? Absolutely! Facebook fundraisers are a great way to kickstart your fundraising. You can also let family and friends know that the signs are available to them, as well, if they register for the Walk and make a self-donation.

Do you need to be a team captain to get a sign? No! Any registered participant who makes a self-donation or fundraises the minimum ($25 in California; $30 in Hawaii) is eligible!

Can you drop my sign off to someone else? Sure, just communicate with your community outreach partner as they are coordinating your contact-free sign drop off. Additional long distance shipping charges might apply.

When will I receive my sign? We will do our very best to get your sign to you in a contact-free manner within 2 weeks after you notify your friendly neighborhood community outreach staff that you are eligible. In some cases it might take longer.

What if I need a replacement sign? Please notify your local staff partner.  In most cases we will be happy to replace your sign free of charge if, for example, it is damaged or stolen. (Shipping charges might still apply.)

My friend supports a Walk to Defeat ALS in a different Chapter’s service area. How can they get a sign for the walk that they attend?  Currently, this is a program that is unique to the Golden West Chapter.  We do, however, speak frequently with staff in other Chapters and are happy to coordinate with them and share artwork so they can implement a similar program.  Please have your friend contact us.

Does my team get credit for my donation? Absolutely! Since you are making a self-donation, as long as you are registered for your team, your team will get the credit and the amount will show up on your personal and team goal “thermometer.”

I’m worried about person-to-person contact, what are my options? The safety of our families and staff comes first. Our sign deliveries this year will be contact-free. When you reach out to your community outreach partner to let them know you want a sign, let them know about your concern. We can stake it in your yard for you, or wipe it down and leave it on your doorstep. Your choice!


Golden West Chapter Community Outreach Partners


Jennifer Schack
Regional Director,
Community Outreach

Hawaii Walk to Defeat ALS



Kim Lembo
Regional Director,

Community Outreach
Northern CA

East Bay Walk to Defeat ALS

Silicon Valley Walk to Defeat ALS

Sonoma County Walk to Defeat ALS

Tammy Galt
Regional Director,
Community Outreach
Central CA

Central Valley Walk to Defeat ALS

Kern County Walk to Defeat ALS

Monterey Bay Walk to Defeat ALS


Jessica Partida
Regional Director,
Community Outreach
Southern CA
818.865.8067 x233

Ventura - Santa Barbara Walk to Defeat ALS

Los Angeles County Walk to Defeat ALS



Janelle Webb
Regional Coordinator,
Community Outreach
Southern CA
818.865.8067 x223

San Luis Obispo Walk to Defeat ALS

Inland Empire Walk to Defeat ALS