2018 One Dollar Difference GOLDEN WEST CHAPTER

Iced Tea Challenge

Thank you for participating in the Iced Tea Challenge in support of The ALS Association Golden West Chapter! Originally planned as part of the First Annual Youth Action Day on May 6th, the Iced Tea Challenge has now blossomed into a year-round effort. By signing up to open an Iced Tea Stand, you are joining forces with young people across the country working to make your generation the first to find a cure for ALS.

You are making a difference to everyone in the ALS community by helping to raise funds that will support research and care programs.

The following pages contain your toolkit to help plan, promote, and create your Iced Tea Stand. Get creative! We’ve gotten you started but want to see  everything that you can do!

Together we can empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest. Thank you for your initiative and commitment to creating a world where ALS is understood, treated, and cured!

Together, let's make a difference - one cup at a time!

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Get the full ToolKit to plan your stand! or choose 'Donate' to help us reach our goal!

Iced Tea Challenge - Join Team Raised
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Carson Bolle $0.00
Hildegard Braumuller $0.00
Katya De los Rios $0.00
Lynn Foster $0.00
Judy Hong $0.00
Julia Justus $0.00
Roisin Oherlihy $0.00
Maria Sanchez $0.00
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