Walk Details


Saturday, October 23

Live Opening Ceremony at 11:30am PST/8:30am HST on Zoom and YouTube Live!

Please be sure to join us! Together we will celebrate our teams, a successful Walk year, and YOU, as we honor and remember our loved ones with ALS.


Planning Your Walk at Home

The Live Opening Ceremony will feature the National Anthem, teams from across the Chapter, mission spotlights, music, and various special guests. After joining us, start your Walk!

We are optimistic that by October 23, teams will be able to comfortably gather, at least in small groups, together at homes and in local neighborhoods. Your safety is our priority. Host your Walk to Defeat ALS at your team's comfort level while regarding local, state and federal mandates and guidelines. You can also encourage team members to have their own mini-Walk to show support from afar.

Ideas for Your Walk

Walk Around Your Neighborhood

- This is a great way to include your community and spread awareness. Map out your route, and decorate your front yard for a celebration after your Walk. Carry team and mission message signs! Wear your favorite team t-shirt! Challenge others to join you online and from anywhere in the world in the virtual camaraderie of the day. We're here to help.

Visit a Park

- Find your favorite park nearby and invite close family and friends. Map out your route, and decorate a picnic table for a celebration after your Walk.

Have a Car Parade

- Car parades can be a great way to celebrate the occasion. Decorate your cars and front yards. Invite your local fire department, local businesses, and others in your neighborhood to really put on a show!

Go for a Hike

- Spread your Walk-day spirit on your favorite trail! Carry team and mission message signs! Wear your favorite team t-shirt! Challenge others to join you online from anywhere in the world in the virtual camaraderie of the day.

Stay Home

- Just because you're indoors, doesn't mean you can't still walk! Create a fun route, complete with snack stops and dance breaks.

Below are some helpful links and tips to get you started! And we are here to help for evey step of your Walk, so feel free to contact us!

Walker Tools  |  Participant Center  | Register Now

Fundraising Tools

Virtual Participant Guide
Your go-to guide for everything Walk related. It contains interesting ideas, helpful tips, and chapter contact information.

My Walk Supporters Pledge Sheet
Print this worksheet out and keep track of your donations!

Deposit Slip
Are you mailing your donations to The ALS Association before the Walk? Help them out and fill out a deposit slip!

Fundraising tools at your fingertips

Did you know that you can raise money for this year’s Walk through Facebook? Connect your fundraising page with Facebook's Fundraising platform to easily ask for support from your network! 

Facebook Fundraising Button Walk 2019


We've Gone Mobile!

Your fundraising has gone mobile thanks to the Walk to Defeat ALS mobile & tablet app. Now you can fundraise on the go by sending emails, monitoring your fundraising progress and updating your page. 


"Unlock ALS" keys

Print and decorate them with your own message to #NeverGiveUp!

Alumni Stickers

Print them and celebrate how many years you've participated in the Walk to Defeat ALS.

Get Social

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