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Golden West Chapter

Los Angeles County Walk

Team Richy

Thank you for helping us reach our fund raising goal! Together we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Our team is committed to raising money to support people in our community with ALS and spread awareness of the urgency to find treatment and a cure. Please consider joining our team in the Walk to Defeat ALS® or choose a team member from the list and donate to our cause.

Why We Need Your Help

Often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. The life expectancy of an ALS patient averages 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

Every 90 minutes a person in this country is diagnosed with ALS and every 90 minutes another person will lose their battle against this disease. ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries.

This crippling disease can strike anyone. Presently there is no known cause of the disease yet it still costs loved ones an average of $200,000 a year to provide the care ALS patients need. Help make a difference and donate or join a walk today.

Team Richy Raised
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Ida Dambrauskas $925.00
Helping Hand Geoffrey and Bernhard $150.00
Ida Dambrauskas $0.00
Ida Dambrauskas $0.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Vitkus Family $400.00
Helping Hand ZP $50.00
Helping Hand Danius Anelauskas $50.00
Helping Hand AlexLaima Baipsys $100.00
Anthony Balchas $0.00
Helping Hand Laima Balchas $100.00
Tony Balchas $0.00
Tara Barauskas $20.00
Carl Barbee $0.00
Orazimer Bernoia $0.00
Helping Hand George Bernota $100.00
Helping Hand Arunas Bruozis $100.00
Aurelija Bruozis $0.00
Maximus Bruozis $0.00
Remi Bruozis $0.00
Vida Bruozis $0.00
August Burokas $0.00
Elsa Burokas $0.00
Helping Hand Julie Burokas $100.00
Kristina Burokas $100.00
Sonja Burokas $0.00
Helping Hand Vincent Burokas $100.00
Helping Hand Rimas Butkys $200.00
Julius Celkis $0.00
Linas Celkis $0.00
Helping Hand Danute Cline $50.00
Anthony D'Angelo $0.00
Andreja Dabsys $0.00
Audra Dabsys $0.00
Dana Dabsys $0.00
Eddy Dabsys $0.00
Karen Dabsys $0.00
Helping Hand Tadas Dabsys $100.00
Vytas Dabsys $0.00
Helping Hand Juliana DeLaVega $200.00
Dominic Di Angelio $0.00
Airija Donovan $0.00
David Donovan $0.00
Matijas Donovan $0.00
Miranda Donovan $0.00
Helping Hand Suzie Duffy $100.00
Tamara Fischer $0.00
Helping Hand Darija Francesco $100.00
Renata Gaidiene $0.00
Helping Hand Darius Gaidys $100.00
Dominykas Gaidys $0.00
Povilas Gaidys $0.00
Helping Hand Augis Gedgaudas $50.00
Helping Hand Brigita Gedgaudas $50.00
Dalius Gedgaudas $0.00
Kovas Gedgaudas $0.00
Laura Gedgaudas $25.00
Helping Hand Vincentas Gedgaudas $50.00
Helping Hand Ausra Hassan $40.00
Helping Hand Vaida Holwager $100.00
Helping Hand Virginia Irlikis $100.00
Aidas Jarasunas $0.00
Aleksa Jarasunas $0.00
Helping Hand Angela Jarasunas $100.00
Helping Hand Auris Jarasunas $100.00
Lukas Jarasunas $0.00
Romas Jarasunas $0.00
Helping Hand Patricia Jocas $100.00
Helping Hand Daina Kasputis $100.00
Julia Kasputis $0.00
Virgis Kasputis $0.00
Helping Hand Vytas & Onute Keblys $100.00
Laima Kereziene $0.00
Helping Hand Saulius Kerezis $50.00
Helping Hand Giedra Kiskis $75.00
Helping Hand Jonas Kulikauskas $25.00
Helping Hand Andy Labutis $50.00
Inga Labutis $0.00
Kristina Labutis $0.00
Sam Labutis $0.00
Helping Hand Julie Lawlor $100.00
Helping Hand Linda Littsen $50.00
Kelli Matthews $0.00
Helping Hand Aida Merrill $50.00
Helping Hand Mike Merrill $50.00
Helping Hand Vaida Mikuckis $100.00
Ron Owens $0.00
Alma Paplauskas $0.00
Helping Hand Stasys Paplauskas $200.00
Helping Hand Arlene Petokas $250.00
Tomas Petokas $0.00
Viktor Petokas $0.00
Vince Petokas $0.00
Helping Hand Giedre Petraitis $50.00
Breka Petrulis $0.00
Dainava Petrulis $0.00
Gabija Petrulis $0.00
Kari Petrulis $0.00
Helping Hand Undine Petrulis $50.00
Lina Polikaitis $0.00
Linas Polikaitis $0.00
Helping Hand Regina Polikaitis $50.00
Helping Hand Rimas Polikaitis $50.00
Jason Pollock $0.00
Helping Hand Laima&Romas Predkelis $100.00
Helping Hand Ruta Predkelis $50.00
Helping Hand Rima Raulinaitis $100.00
Helping Hand RAsa Read $75.00
Aleksas Reivydas $0.00
Antanas Reivydas $0.00
Helping Hand Audra Reivydas $100.00
Jennifer Reivydas $0.00
Kestas Reivydas $0.00
Richard Reivydas $0.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Ruta Reivydas $550.00
Karina Ruplenas $0.00
Helping Hand Lina Ruplenas $100.00
Nestor Ruplenas $0.00
Helping Hand Alba Schuksta $50.00
Helping Hand Susan Spector $100.00
Jane Stancikas $0.00
Helping Hand Tomas Stancikas $100.00
Helping Hand Laima Sturonas $50.00
Robert Sutton $0.00
Helping Hand Teresa Szalai $100.00
Dalia Teti $0.00
Helping Hand Erika Ugianskis $100.00
Jose Valle $0.00
Laura Van der Sluys $0.00
Helping Hand Zydra van der Sluys $50.00
Angela Vauicckauskas $0.00
Helping Hand Daiva Venckus $100.00
Helping Hand Jura Venckus $100.00
Rokas Venckus $0.00
Vilte Venckus $0.00
Vitas Venckus $0.00
Alex Villeras $0.00
Helping Hand Paul Vizgirdas $100.00
Daniel Wathen $190.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Jimmy Wittrock $530.00
Jennifer Wroblicky $0.00
Ruta Wroblicky $0.00
Helping Hand Steve Wroblicky $50.00
Helping Hand Vilia Zemaitaitis $50.00
Saulis Zemaitiatis $0.00
Helping Hand Daina Zemataitis $50.00
Julius Zukas $0.00
Melanija Zukas $0.00
Helping Hand Rita Zukas $100.00
Sofija Zukas $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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