2020 Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk

Come Bike With Me!
Come Bike With Me!

Della & Davis Team

My Dear Friends,

It's 2020. Tim died 12 years ago. Hard to believe. Now Chansey is in college.  And Luke is working full time as a Sports Info Director at University of North Texas. Wouldn't Tim be proud!

While we are making progress on the ALS front, we are still working to find a CURE. We lost some amazing people to ALS this year.  The Golden West Chapter of the ALS Association of which I'm a board member and Chair the Fund Development Committee loses 40 people each month to ALS. 40 people. Each month. Just my chapter.

So to me, this is personal. The Golden West Chapter's goal this year is to raise $8-10 million. More than we've ever raised to fight this disease. As part of that goal, we launched a Ride to Defeat ALS in Los Angeles and raised over $75,000 this year.   But our biggest fund raiser of the year is this Napa Valley Ride which is also the biggest single day ALS fund raising event in the entire country.  Hoping to raise over $1million again this year.   Will you please help me make it a success with a donation today?

Every dollar we raise inches us forward on this long road to find a treatment and a cure. Please STAY WITH ME on this long road. I know in my heart, that one day we will find a cure.

So in memory of my late husband Tim, his father Ken and his grandfather Glenn who all lost their lives to ALS, I'm making a $2,000 donation to this year's Napa Valley Ride and a $1,000 donation to the LA Ride to Defeat ALS. Any size donation you can make will help greatly.

Thank you in advance for your support. And as always, thank you for your enduring friendships. And please remember to NEVER GIVE UP.

With Love,

Linda, Luke and Chansey.

Please help me and all current and future ALS patients by donating! Just click on the "Donate" button above. 

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