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Spotlight on... Craig Cecconi

Written in loving memory by Team Craig's Italian Riviera

If you’ve ever driven over the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge or the San Mateo Bridge, you’ve encountered the work of Craig Cecconi. For 17 years, Craig Cecconi worked in concrete construction driving a concrete truck, putting countless and often latenight hours into the production of the bridges. If you knew Craig personally, you likely experienced the meticulous barbecue meals he perfected while in his home garden, where Craig could also proudly boast fresh, bountiful vegetables.

When Craig wasn’t working on a bridge or at home in his garden, he was exploring the world. Craig loved everything that came with traveling - exploring new areas, adopting new views, delighting in cuisine, meeting different people. He loved the Italian Riviera most of all. It was Craig’s dream to have a second home there with the love of his life, his wife, Loretta.

In addition to Craig’s love of the outdoors, he had an appetite for books that couldn't be satiated with less than a novel per week. Those around Craig knew to expect him to provide a cover to cover, thoughtful and detailed analysis of the read. Craig also delighted in cinematic productions, favoring those which focused on the untold stories of the underdog or of life’s most trying circumstances. Craig liked to lift weights, golf with loved ones, and even bust a move to a good song or two, but of all the things life had to offer, family was of the utmost importance to Craig.

Craig Cecconi was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2019. Craig endured his diagnosis and the disease progression with extreme bravery, grace, and class. While he had always been spiritual, in the last few months of his life he became even more philosophical, transcendent, and experienced extreme moments of awareness and connectedness to God. Through the diminishing use of his voice, he spoke of gratitude, love, peace, sadness for what he would miss, joy for what he had, and the importance of "always being present."

Craig lit up every room he ever walked into and made each person he spoke to feel like they were the only person on earth. When he learned that we were walking in his honor, his eyes lit up and he was truly touched. We are honored to share our story and walk as Team Craig’s Italian Riviera for this great man; our baby brother, loving husband, devoted son, beloved uncle, and one-of-a-kind friend.

Craig passed away on May 21, 2020. His charming personality, incredible generosity, and devotion to family and friends will live on in our hearts forever.

Please join us in homage to Craig and all those who’ve been touched by the battle against ALS. Sign up for your local Walk or make a gift in support of a world without ALS.