ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress
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The Golden West Chapter of The ALS Association is dedicated to providing people with ALS and their loved ones with compassionate and professional care services, free-of-charge, made possible by your support. We offer critically-needed information, support, and resources which are proven to increase longevity, enhance quality of life, and help with the daily challenges of living with ALS.


More than 1800 people with ALS and their loved ones were served by the Golden West Chapter in 31 counties throughout California and the entire state of Hawaii.

440 people newly diagnosed with ALS connected with the Chapter, representing more than one new family for every day of the year, and gained access to our world-class wraparound model of care.

The number of families facing ALS who are seeking Golden West Chapter services continues to grow every year. In some regions, we are serving more than 100% of the predicted ALS population.

Our “ASK ME” educational webinars were viewed more than 3,562 times through live broadcasts and on-demand via our social media channels.

12,300+ people viewed our Chapter’s care services webpages or downloaded/ordered new educational materials, resource guides, and information packets.

Launched the Chapter’s first Advisory Group, comprised of people with ALS and their family members.


Collaborated with 31 ALS clinic partners, including Certified Treatment Centers of Excellence and Recognized Treatment Centers, to seamlessly provide quality multidisciplinary care via telehealth platforms.

Expanded support group offerings for specific populations including LGBTQIA, families raising young children, bereaved families, and additional caregivers and loved ones groups.

198 military personnel and veterans with ALS, as well as their families, received access to vital care services and support offered by the Golden West Chapter..

Achieved more than 38,093 engagements between Golden West Chapter staff and individuals and family members living with ALS.

Provided 714 grants to people with ALS for durable medical/communication equipment needs, transportation support, emergency assistance, and respite care.

The Golden West Chapter held more than 230 online support groups, with nearly 2,000 participants.