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Keeping Tablets Accessible While Living with ALS

The ALS Association Golden West Chapter held a special webinar on how to continue to use an Android or iPad tablet with hand weakness or completely hands-free. Please watch this special presentation online to get an overview of access solutions that are essential for people with ALS in maintaining the ability to communicate. This presentation will explore a wide array of equipment options and simple strategies that empower people with hand weakness or no hand use to interact with tablets. Tablets can be vital for people with ALS as they provide many methods for communication including text to speech, texting, emailing and participation in social networks. Our focus will be on access as we look at everything from special styli to brain computer interface. You will learn how to keep your tablet accessible as your physical abilities change and even which tablets, or non-tablet devices offer the options you need.

Presentation Overview:

  • Conserving energy by using a mouse in addition to the touch screen 

  • Alternatives to the standard mouse which may be prferable for you 

  • Tablet positioning stands and holders

  • Setting up a head tracker to control a tablet 

  • Scanning options and equipment 

  • Eye tracking on a tablet 

  • Exciting technology of the future using brain waves

  • Lots of practical "how-to" videos

For additional questions, please contact us at

Additional Resource Materials: