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The Reality of ALS: "The Little Things"

Donna Boring is a mother of three who was diagnosed with ALS in 2008. She has been an ALS advocate for years. Her Walk to Defeat ALS team, Donna’s Diva’s, will be competing in their sixth walk to raise awareness and funding this year, and she plans to attend The ALS Association’s National ALS Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C., later this month. She works with her local The ALS Association chapter to help spread awareness of the disease and says, “If I have to be the face of ALS, it’s not a bad face to have.”

Update Your Facebook Profile Pic for ALS Awareness Month

• Hover over your profile picture and click "Update Profile Picture"
• "Select "Add Frame"
• In the search box, type or copy/paste alsawareness
• Select the 2018 ALS Awareness Month frame
• We suggest keeping the frame up for the entire month of May
• Click the "Use as Profile Picture" button